TAA Agremeent

with us in short term to efficient production after start up


cmp SPEED Programm

The cmp SPEED Program was developed to achieve better results after the start up of the factory. That means:

Start up support, which will guide the customer during the critical time after the acceptance of the factory, to reach the estimated operational Key performance indicators (KPI´s) in a very short time.

Performance, as main driver of all doings during that period of time, integration of standardized reports, meeting culture and driving the new team to results.

Education, often the trainings which are done during the cold test and hot test phase are not enough and we will do an ongoing education of the new team during the production, meaning training on the job.

Efficiency, as a result of the support the efficiency is visible in the economy as well as the team performance of the new factory. Unforeseen break down and interruptions are significantly reduced or eliminated.

Development, beside all daily doings one main focus is important and one of the main success factors for the future: to start as soon as possible with developments and improvements in the main areas like employees, energy costs, new products or better products and less consumption.

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